An Old Fashioned Border War

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An Old Fashioned Border War

Post by GoingCoastal » Nov Fri 18, 2011 9:42 am

So a developer on the Plymouth side of Wm Gould Way wants the town of Kingston to extend the road 75 feet to the Plymouth line so that he can develop a couple of car dealerships and a hotel. Kingston said no.

The developer has a website -
From that website is a Globe article:
The Kingston selectmens list of reasons for denial includes concerns over traffic - at a location where they say significant problems already exist - and wear and tear on Kingston roads. The board also expressed concern over potential adverse impact to local businesses.

The subdivision could attract additional auto dealerships, or entice existing auto dealerships to move to Plymouth at significant loss to Kingston, the board said in a letter to the court.

In recent years, the Independence Mall lost two of its largest tenants, Best Buy and Old Navy, to Plymouths Colony Place. The selectmens letter said commercial development on Waterhouse properties could cause more financial harm to the mall.

Semerjian, the Waterhouse president, said he made it clear to Kingston selectmen that he would be looking to recover the money hes lost because of their denial.

Ive had six different [purchase and sale agreements], not just discussions and conversations, from big players, and they walked away because we couldnt get the access, he said. Kingston is going to be staring at a very large lawsuit, and these selectmen arent going to ante up to pay. It will fall on the backs of the taxpayers.
From a Kingston Reporter article, it appears that the developer lied to the Kingston Selectmen:
Beaton said Semerjian (developer) claimed, during a hearing on the project, that hed spoken with Martys GMC and Sullivan Brothers, and both Kingston businesses appeared to welcome the project. But Beaton followed up with these businesses later, he said, and found both maintaining their positions against the project.

A letter to the Kingston Board of Selectmen, dated Sept. 29, 2011, is unequivocal on the subject:

It has come to my attention that certain developers have stated publicly that Christine Alicandro of Martys GMC and I have been consulted in some way with proposed changes to William Gould Way, Quinlan Sullivan of Sullivan Brothers writes. Please be advised that no developers have ever been in contact with us. We maintain our original opposition to any project that makes William Gould Way a thru way. Both Christine and I are on record vehemently opposing this project and still maintain that any changes to the road would negatively impact the town of Kingston.
I'm with the Kingston board on this, seems like we are being asked to give Plymouth access to exit 8 ramps without much upside to Kingston.
Joe McDonald

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