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bobkat Feb Tue 20, 2018 8:04 am
Eric K wrote:
Feb Mon 19, 2018 10:08 pm
Read article,
I believe the Supreme Court overstepped its authority in making decision. I believe the Supreme Court should have thrown it back to congress to amend.
To compare being allowed to drive a car and owning a gun is two different things.
The legal ability to drive a car is a privilege.
The legal ability to bear Arms is a right.
I have to agree that any law created to prohibit the ownership of a gun is unconstitutional.
The Supreme Court in my opinion decided to protect congress than to hold congress responsible for making updates to constitution.
If you look at this town and it's charter it gets looked at every ten years. The problem is the charter committee is not an elected body like congress.
Eric K. so you are saying the USSC practice judicial activism. That is something the right has always said about left. But your problem here is that the vote was 5 to 4 on D.C. v Heller. The majority was written by the most conservative judge on the court Antonin Scalia and joined by Roberts,Kennedy,Thomas and Alito.You can't go any farther right than that.

The founding fathers made it difficult to amend the U.S Constitution . You say the congress responsible for making updates to the Constitution. Our Constitution passed in 1789 and States didn't adopt them until 1791. That is over 227 years ago for the first 12 amendments and since 1791 only 15 amendments have been added.

Here is a basic way to amend the U S Constitution :

"The Constitution provides that an amendment may be proposed either by the Congress with a two-thirds majority vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate or by a constitutional convention called for by two-thirds of the State legislatures."

So it is not that simple as you think. and the U S S C is there to interpret what each amendment means.
JIMD Feb Tue 20, 2018 7:00 am ... 30013.html

this is what liberal democrats give the people disease and filth.
specialties Feb Tue 20, 2018 4:54 am
WOW, another bonanza of rational thought...

From what I see and hear, the resistance believes in themselves but ignores the one true God of the universe...
All at their own peril as anyone can see... Come on home, sheeple...

You know, One Nation, under God... Not karl marx...

Our prayers are with bobkat and all the lost souls...
( besides our 55,000,000 domestic deaths and 80,000,000 world wide slaughters in the name of 'progressivism'... )

Why they continue in their murderous purpose is wayyy beyond me??? Slick talk I recon... We recall stalin's useful idiots...
He's back!!

Tass talk personified;
Eva Braun's charm and beauty stand out in the Munich games. Everywhere she goes, she is attended by mobs of admiring and curious reporters. Photographers jostle against each other, eager to get a shot of Eva's sphinx like smile or get a picture that does justice to her cleverly subdued use of makeup or simple yet sophisticated hair style.

Normally, Eva lives her life in Hitler's shadow, but today she stands out as Germany's perfect emissary of peace for our time and hope for the future. "She shows Hitler's softer side," said one reporter. "People may be too focused on Hitler's bold speeches, or his military buildup violating the controversial Treaty of Versailles, but Eva shows us he's warm and very human, too."

In stark and disappointing contrast was the American delegation with its overbearing patriotism and "win at all costs" attitude that does so much to cheapen the Olympic Spirit.

Other delegations, in fact, all of them, had the respect and common courtesy to lower their flags before Hitler in the opening ceremony. Only America in its awkward obsession with honoring the flag refused to respect Hitler in the accustomed way.

"It's frankly an aggressive and disturbing 'in your face' display of nationalism on our part," said Harvard professor, Walter Guntz, a specialist in German affairs. "This was a completely blown opportunity for world peace. The rudeness shown to Hitler, their host, is a serious affront to German pride, and I'm sorry, having the American athletes remove their hats just isn't the same thing. With the possibility of escalating tensions in Europe, this is the last thing we need. Thankfully, Britain may vote for a sensible prime minister who just might find a way to avoid plunging us into another world war," Guntz said.

As if that wasn't bad enough, the US delegation includes at least one Negro athlete, the track and field star Jesse Owens.

"Roosevelt could not have delivered a more calculated insult at a time when diplomacy is most needed," said another reporter who has been covering Germany's astonishing economic recovery. "Germany is very sensitive about their self-image right now having been humiliated in the Great War. While Hitler is trying to instill some pride into the German people, our president sends this colored athlete who happens to be very good. If he wins, it will do extensive damage to Germany's prestige, and could set diplomacy back by years, if not decades," he added.

But still, there is hope. Hope that Eva Braun's charm offensive will give some counter-balance to America's bullying presence as a nation that forgets itself as a guest of an ancient and otherwise respected people.
specialties Feb Mon 19, 2018 12:53 pm
Still pondering...

Interim answer... bobkat wants us to cause 330,000,000 Americans to give up their right for the sake of 1 crazy person who was certainly not a republican...

Endless loop of demonstrations are starting by hollowood et al...

148 deaths to opioids divided by 17 deaths from goofy kid = 8.7 times more important that we focus on the opioids times how many days there is before the next mass shooting...

Every day the 8.7 exponents to near double times every day...

That opioid figure is EVERY DAY though ( mr. bobkat ) so who he hell do you think you are fooling??

bobble, keep your dingy digits off of my denim.. You are spreading malaria in the area... Like a fungus among us...
Seahag Feb Mon 19, 2018 9:10 am
Really Eric???!!!
specialties Feb Sun 18, 2018 3:22 pm
Ewwweeeee, lookee almost straight vertical curve on the debt graph tween GWB and the Trump...

Years of fundamental change and deadbeat... Progressive to the max... prez. wilson thought that name up...
What a stiff he was... Showed kkk movies right in the white house...

No matter how they spell it, it's drudge and doom... Maybe next time they won't suck in so many young innocent kids...
Little wonder why so many young are dismayed and spiritually dead... Can't blame that on the gun...

Boris, Natasha, what's with the story??
Still Steadfast Feb Sat 17, 2018 7:20 pm
Sharyl Attkisson spoke at TED conference.

Only about 10 minutes.

Worth listening to: ... fake-news/
specialties Feb Sat 17, 2018 5:10 am
specialties Feb Wed 14, 2018 11:37 am
I wish that our friend to the far left would include his politico people's boo boos when he raggs on the good guy's errors, or alleged errors...
I think that by now we are hip to the real collusion... Russia, Iranium, shrillary's money pit, etc. you know the gag!!!
Typical alinsky, do what you are accusing the other party of...

In the aggregate he remains swamped up over his head... True, human nature is on both sides as has been well proven by now... Even from the garden...

Can we have an accumulated percentage compilation including both side's extremes?? I'm seeing about 80/20 which is closer than a horse race...

A TKO in the 4th is about right... Marx is knocked out dead... I'll admit that he is still running the dnc...

Ollie Ollie in free, smack... Take a walk in the light... The light that is truth and the truth that is light!!! We can't be kidding God too much longer...
specialties Feb Wed 14, 2018 10:55 am
Keep on whining, boys. The world moves on but you're stuck on hate and Obama...
:lol: You got it all wrong, tadpole...

It's the ACTIONS, not the person... What is to love about these 'actions'???

That world has it's own 'movements'... All down hill and out the pipes... Say goodbye, karl...
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